About Product

     SMART DRYER is Energy Saving Dryer which works by recirculate hot and humid air using in dehydration process   back into the system. (The process is called Heat Recovery) by using Heat Exchanger equipment. The outside air taking into the system will be warming up by doing heat exchange at Heat Exchanger equipment. The hot air will be transferred through hot coil to increase temperature to be higher. The hotter air at this process will be transferred into dehydration room which contains products needed to be dehydrated. Outflow warm air from the dehydration room which contains humid will be transferred to get heat exchange again.  Humidity or water in the air will be condensed into water and drain out from the system. The system will work in this continuous circulating flow until dehumidified products reach needed level of humidity.

Advantages of using SMART DRYER Dehydration machine

1. Energy Saving 
Energy-saving drying consumes energy very efficiently. They also recirculating heat from drying process back into the heat exchange process again and exhaust minimum amount of heat from the system. This can cause cost of production to be lower than drying machine using electric or gas. 

2. High Efficiency
Energy-saving drying has very high heat efficiency of 400% compared to Electric drying with efficiency of 95% and Gas drying with efficiency of 85%. Moreover, SMART DRYER Energy-saving Drying machine has 2-layers Heat Recovery System. This makes SMART DRYER’s Heat Recovery to be very efficient.

3. No Contamination
There is not any contamination from dust, bugs, carbon, fume or any adverse odor.

4. Best Product Quality 
Because, the process is low temperature drying with temperature level lower than 75 oC, it helps preserve products’ quality in aspect of scent, color, taste, texture and nutrition.

5. Controllable
the dehydration is controllable by giving specific temperature and humidity using PLC controller with Touchscreen display providing real time temperature and humidity graph. You can specify type of dehydration, temperature and humidity into different configuration for different 10 periods of time. With this feature, you are able to specify suitable dehydration values for different products which will also improve quality of products. You can also set timer to shut down the machine automatically. 

6. Environmental Friendly 
SMART DRYER dehydration machine do not cause air pollution, for example exhausting CO2 This is because the machine does not use heat from burning any fuel.

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