Applications of SMART DRYER-Energy Saving Dryer

     Energy-saving Dehydration machine SMART DRYER  is appropriate for drying or dehydrating products such as Drying food, Drying vegetable, Drying mushroom, Drying fruit for example: Drying mango, Drying banana, Drying melon, Drying strawberry, Drying longan, Drying papaya, Drying jackfruit, Drying pineapple, etc.), Drying spices (Drying galangal, Drying lemongrass, Drying Kaffir Lime Leaf, Drying Chili), Drying meat, Drying sea food (Drying fish, Drying shrimp, Drying squid), Drying Chinese sausages, Drying fragrances, Drying tea leaf, Drying tobacco leaf,  Drying or dehydrating agricultural products  (Drying Cassava, Drying seeds, Drying flowers, Drying Rubber tree, Drying wood.

Drying Fruits 
Drying sea food
Drying meat
Drying vegetables, spices and herbs
Drying others products

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