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Energy Saving Products Co., Ltd.
     Energy Saving Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. ESP is an affiliate of LP Group, the leader in engineering and manufacturing in food processing machinery for more than 15 years. LP Group’s companies are as the following :
1. Senta Pack Machinery and Service Co., Ltd.
2. Hi-Cook (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
3. Energy Saving Products Co., Ltd.
which are trusted by more than 80% of food processing industrial in Thailand for more than 15 years
     As Thailand is a country in tropical zone, the environment in this area is good for microbes’ growth. Hence, the popular food reservation technique here is Drying or Dehydration to stop microbe from growing. Additionally, Thailand has big quantity of crops in the harvest season. Farmers and entrepreneurs need dehydration to preserve those agricultural crops for longer period of time.   

    In the present, most of producers and entrepreneur use traditional method or machine for dehydration. For example, sunlight drying, gas drying, firewood-stove drying, etc. Those traditional approaches cannot give accurate control over temperature and humidity. That will cause problems in quality of those dehydrations. Energy Saving Products Co., Ltd. would like to present our innovation in dehydration technology. The product is called “SMART DRYER” which is an Energy Saving Dryer. SMART DRYER is highly efficient and energy saving drying machine. SMART DRYER can help improve dried products’ quality, improve efficiency of dehydration, save electricity and decrease contamination from diluted substance. 
     Moreover, ESP also produces and sells biomass energy and plastic bag cleaning machine. You may find more information at our website; www.espthailand.com

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